Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good morning, Sunshine!

Today is bright and sunny and crisply cold, after days of miserably bleak skies, clouds and drizzle, and cold clamminess which sometimes left you sweating, sometimes cold, but always, always, missing the sun.
I learned yesterday from a dear friend that a young, school-going relative of hers has been suffering for a few years from severe headaches and migraines, and despite numerous tests, nothing could be diagnosed. Finally, he was found to have a Vitamin D deficiency. Since he is very sensitive to the heat, he rarely sees any sunshine, and spends most of his time indoors, often in air-conditoned rooms. A colleague of the SRE has also been diagnosed with the same problem.
People who work nights, or who spend most of their waking life indoors, please make sure you get at least a small dose of sunshine everyday.

People who live in the extreme North, where winter nights are extremely long, may suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) owing to lack of sunshine. The acronym seems so apt.

Even though I try to not let my well-being get affected by something as unpredictable as weather, and may complain about the extreme heat in summer, today I am just so glad to see you, Sun! Don't disappear again, please.


Banno said...

Surprisingly, most Indians have a Vitamin D deficiency. And also, nowadays, every doctor speaks about it. Somehow I don't remember it coming up so often earlier. Anyway, I am pretty sure I like sunny weather the best. So yes, welcome Sun, indeed.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to imagine someone in India having vitamin D deficiency! And the deficiency might also imply that there is a lack of physical activity.

It's so cold here that whenever there is sun I throw dog mattresses near glass windows and sit with them and read.