Saturday, September 1, 2012


I cribbed about the ladder outside my bedroom balcony yesterday. It was there this morning.  There was some loud chanting in the afternoon, just when I thought a siesta was in order, and I peered out of the balcony to see a loudspeaker affixed to the lamppost, but no ladder. I muttered under my breath, as I am wont to do when loudspeakers violate the peace of our otherwise quiet area, but was genuinely thankful that the ladder was no longer there.

I think I should blog about whatever problems I have, it seems to make them disappear!


~nm said...


But on second thoughts will the loudspeaker be not a bigger nuisance than the ladder?

dipali said...

The loudspeaker was painful, but only for a few hours over the weekend! The ladder was there for just too long.