Friday, August 30, 2013

Alert Security!

When we reached the exit door of the supermarket, as always the security guard examined our bill,
(we had just the one bag of fruit and vegetables) and then, most unusually, asked us to move to the side. Our bill had one unnamed item billed at one rupee. The guard was well aware that there was nothing in the store that was sold for a rupee, so we pulled out all the items and counted them and tallied the number of items on the bill. I had bought a pomelo for thirty rupees, and it had been billed a second time for one rupee. The guard sent one of his minions to the cash counter to get the bill corrected, and he returned shortly with our bill and a one rupee coin. The security guard apologised for delaying us, and seemed most pleasantly surprised when both the SRE and I praised him for his sincerity and his attentiveness towards his work.

I don't know what opportunities he will get in his life, but I do hope he always has the satisfaction of a job well done. 


Sujatha Bagal said...

I never knew the stopping and checking would work for the benefit of the shoppers too!

dipali said...

@Sujatha: I didn't either!!!!

Hip Grandma said...

That was a surprising gesture. May he remain so always - dutiful and sincere. And may he inspire others too.

dipali said...

@Hip Grandma: Yes indeed! It was so unexpected, too!