Monday, August 26, 2013

August memories

August is drawing to a close,
bearing with it reminders of Augusts past.

This year, it feels like a month of loss,
many times over.........

My mother's birthday, on Independence Day.
She would have been eighty five this year.
I no longer mourn her, or even miss her very often,
But that date belongs to her.......

Lalita- it's been five years since you left us.
You remain unforgettable,
A memory shared by the few of us
Who knew you, even briefly as I did.

Those two young men, mere boys, really,
Who took their own lives last year- they are no more,
Not visible to us in this world, at least,
But their loss remains, constant,
In the hearts of those who loved them.
And yet life moves inexorably on........


yasmeen sait said...

My father's birthday is in August, it's now nearly four decades since he left us ..... I rarely think of him now. After all this time only dates belong to these loved people who have gone on ahead, but these dates do remind us of them.

dipali said...

@yasmeen: Those dates are so deeply imprinted into our hearts and minds that we can never forget them!