Friday, October 10, 2014

On being grandparents

One little infant,
not so long in this world of ours
is the reason for us, 
two more or less salient beings
to turn into puddles of mush.

Technology adds to our obsession,
we drool over her latest pictures
that our phones compel us to take
whenever we meet her.
We may have left her just minutes ago
and then we pore over her latest photo. 

If we're somewhere near their home,
we call to ask if the baby is awake:
only then shall we deign to come!!!
Just to meet that baby.
Which is not to say, of course,
that we don't have great conversations
minus the Little One, but..........

And now, and now, time rushes past
it will soon be time to say goodbye
The thought of living on mere memories
is enough to make one cry.

That delectable softness,
those sturdy little limbs
the start-and-stop crawling
her small baby whims
her grumpy expression
that makes us all laugh
her gurgles and coos
her cries and her yells:
we find ourselves copying her every sound!
What does that tell you about us,
Crazy grandparents?

Each moment so precious
each day with this child
of our child, someone so special
such magic she has wrought.....
We were not like this just some months ago,
but a permanent change has now come about:


Sue said...

All I can think of is one Dipali Taneja from some years ago who told me firmly that grandchildren were not going to turn her to mush. :)

The distance is never easy. So glad you've had these months, though. Hugs.

dipali said...

@Sue: I know :( Famous last words those were! Brains are now thoroughly addled and mushy, mine as well as the grandpa's!

Sakshi said...

I found this post very touching, Dipali. I do feel what makes grandparents so very special is that some of them are not around all the time. Then, every visit to nana-nani-dada-dadi house is a treat! I speak from experience, both as a grand daughter and as a mother.
The world is so connected now. Don't worry. You'll be touch! Love. :)

dipali said...

@SAkshi: Thank you! This is one case where the real is so far from the virtual! But of course this is a far more connected world than that of the late seventies, when my one-year old nephew went back to England after thoroughly entertaining all of us for six happy weeks. I still remember my mother's expression when she bade adieu to her very first grandchild......

Sands said...

Awww. That is such a lovely post :)