Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mommy House

Mommy House
was what my daughters asked for,
whenever they came over,
after the toddler had left.
Enough Dadi House now,
We miss the feel of home
and the toddler isn't here
but we are,
so make it nice again
for yourselves,
and your visiting
nearby children.

Me being me,
the colour scheme queen,
was inspired today
by the freezing cold
to do up the living room
and dining room
in warm, flame colours,
a welcome change
from the cool teal blues.
The maid had a day off
so the floors are dirty,
but after today's
yoga class,
breakfast making
dishwashing session,
and the big change
it doesn't really matter-
please excuse!

Let me share Mommy House, and Mommy herself in her winter headgear, (looking most squaw-like,
I know) with you, dear readers!


madhu said...

Love reading you Dipali

dipali said...

Thank you, Madhu!

The Bride said...

Mommy house looks lovely. Was it really that different with the toddler visiting? Loved reading about her visit, though I didn't have time to comment.

The squaw look suits you :)

dipali said...

@ The Bride: Thank you! The essential house remains the same, of course, but the knick knacks have been part of it for so long that they give our home it's particular feel.
I personally think it was my daughters' way of telling me to stop missing the toddler and get back to my own life!!! It seems to have worked, somewhat!