Thursday, April 9, 2020

Chinese Whispers!

-- 500 words
-- "Chinese Whispers"
-- Hide the names of two films in your text
Aunt N: Mukul spends a lot of time in Mumbai these days, doesn’t he?
Rani: Yes, Auntie, what to do? All his clients are based there. He has to be there.
Aunt N: Why don’t you move there too, Rani? It must be so difficult for him alone out there.
Rani: I’m still working, Auntie! He started this consulting business after he retired. The children are busy with their own lives. He comes home when he can, I go there when I can, and we do talk every day. He’s enjoying this new challenge.
Aunt N: Rohit, I think Rani should move to Mumbai soon.
Uncle R: Why Didi? Do they plan to move?
Aunt N: Mukul has been there almost since he retired. She won’t leave her job. She said he’s enjoying something. But I don’t think husbands should be left alone to enjoy anything, even if they have retired and aren’t young anymore. Suppose he falls for some young heroine out there? After all, Dil Hi To Hai!
Uncle R: Didi, Mukul is very sober and sensible. Don’t worry yourself unnecessarily.
Aunt N: Rohit, Rani is your favourite niece. I think you should warn her, tell her she must move.
Rohit: Reena, my darling child, how are you doing?
Reena: Fine, Papa, sab badhiya. What’s happening at home? How is the family?
Rohit: All well, generally. Mukul is consulting in Mumbai now, and my big sister thinks that Rani should move there before he falls for someone else!
Reena: Papa, Bua‘s brain is fully Golmaal. Rani Didi and Mukul Jiju are as close as can be. Didi will retire soon. Maybe Jiju winds up his projects before that. Anyway, it’s up to them entirely.
Reena: Gayatri bachcha, how are you doing?
Gayatri: All cool. Actually, no, Maasi. Going mad writing my thesis chapters. It never ends. What on earth made me even want to do a PhD?
Reena: This too shall pass, then my darling will be Dr. Gayatri Chopra! How are Didi and Jiju doing?
Gayatri: Fine! I miss Papa! He’d get up early, give me my coffee, get my day started. Mamma really can’t get up early! She just about manages to make some breakfast before she rushes off to work. But it’s okay.
Rohit: Namaste Didi. How are you?
Aunt N: I’m as okay as one can be at eighty two. All joints aching. But tell me, what news?
Rohit: Nothing much, Didi. Reena spoke to Rani, she’s struggling with her Ph.D thesis, misses her dad. Rani is busy with her work. Mukul might take a break for a while so he can give Gayatri moral support.
Auntie N: How are you, Rani?
Rani: All good, Auntie.
Auntie N: What good? I told you to move to Mumbai. Now I hear Mukul is leaving his business and coming back. A man can’t manage alone.
Rani holds her head in both hands, phone blabbering away on the table in front of her.

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