Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Sporting Event

- 500 words
--- Picture a scene, any scene
---- Write it like a live-sports commentator
--- Have fun
-- 6:00 pm deadline

Sporting Event
The equestrian part of the event is over now, and our champion rider, G, is at the venue, waiting for the main challenge of the evening. G’s cheerleaders, both male and female, are all eager and excited, duly boosting his morale as he awaits contender B. The venue is well lit and we can see a large audience, seated in two main blocks, divided by a central aisle. The left of the aisle is mostly occupied by G’s supporters, while the right side, also having greater numbers, is occupied by team B’s supporters. The audience is enjoying catered snacks and soft drinks as they wait.
The muzak playing in the background switches to softer, classical strains. After a long wait, we see Team B approaching. Team B makes a grand entry, with their chief player, B, in an elaborate costume, with four tall minions holding a floral canopy over her head. A regal entry indeed. It seems as though her costume is particularly heavy, not really well designed for a sporting event, but, as you all know, there are conventions to be followed. Team B reaches the steps of the stage, and the waiting G gallantly holds out a hand to help B up the steps. They exchange a sporting smile, while the cheerleaders on both sides get into position for their main event.
The referee ascends the stage, and declares that the match is ready to begin.
The chief minions of the two teams rush to get the necessary equipment for their players.   
Both players stand facing each other, with their many cheerleaders cheering them on. The excitement is palpable. The audience is rapt. People leave their chicken tikkas mid-munch. Cold drink glasses are hastily shoved under seats. Several audience members are crowding round the stage, hoping for a better view.    
It is, as per convention, B’s turn to play first. She picks up the garland and tries to toss it around the much taller G’s neck. He stretches backwards. She tries again, but fruitlessly. G is picked up by two of his friends, while his team shouts ‘Higher, higher.’ B’s team shouts, ‘Not fair, not fair’.
B stands still, giggling. She shrugs her shoulders and makes as though she is going to garland  G’s best friend. G asks his friends to put him down and stands meekly in front of B. B raises her eyebrows, as though asking G if he really deserves to be garlanded after that brouhaha. G puts down the garland he was holding and touches both ears in apology. B stops her pricey act, and in one quick movement, deftly garlands G.
G picks up his garland, while B’s tall brothers hold her, squealing, high in the air. G’s buddies hold him even higher. The referee says that the auspicious time will be over soon. B and G are quickly put down, and G smilingly garlands B.
A standard desi match indeed, with a known outcome, where both players are declared winners!

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