Monday, May 9, 2011

Of Mice and a Man!

We got home late on Saturday night after watching the movie "Chalo Dilli." (A decent, enjoyable movie, by the way).
The SRE felt like listening to something.
Now Boseji's table has a very small part of our music collection- some albums of poetry, but mostly bhajans, which we keep in a box to save them from the dust. God alone knows what the SRE felt like listening to at that point in time. He scrabbled about, and managed to find an MP3 disc of film songs, which were duly listened to.
The first photograph shows the results of his search.
The second is what the table usually looks like, on any 'normal' day.

A spouse of many decades is a privileged person, who does not get scolded. He gets teased instead.
"There must be a great big mouse in here, who messed up all the CDs."
The SRE grins and says, "Yes, we need a great big mousetrap."

All I can say, in the immortal dialogue of countless Hindi movie wives,
is "Tum nahin sudhrogey."


R's Mom said...

Awww! thats so cute :) kala tikka :)

Unknown said...

LOL I can just see the grin on his face !

Sue said...

LOL You wouldn't know how to deal with him if he did reform!

Sands said...

Can totally relate. The OH comes with a series of pet peeves that drive me up the wall and back :)

Nat said...


dipali said...

@ everyone: All I can say is, these menz!!!!!

OrangeJammies said...

I ran out of our bedroom and checked the Boy's temperature the other morning because it was the first time since we met that there were no socks on the floor. Got me alarmed he did.

dipali said...

@R's Mom: Thank you:)
@eve's lungs: I bet you can:)
@Sue: Yes, the shock and awe would be too much!
@Sands: And yet we learn to live with them, with a smile more often than not.
@Nat: And awwww to you. Why don't you write anymore?????
@OJ: This I can well believe- I wonder what inspired him! Let me not start on stuff that gets dumped on the floor:) The laundry basket doesn't exist for the SRE.