Friday, September 30, 2011

Even more brand new!!!

The mother with the newborns
The proud father (on the left) and uncle.

Our family's youngest dog, the beautiful black cocker spaniel Mahi, delivered her first litter yesterday. The mother and babies are doing well, but since she is not letting anyone near them, we don't yet know the sex of the puppies. One of them didn't want to suckle, so has been fed by a dropper- yes, he's a boy, who has been named Piglet (for now, at least).
The vet had said that the pups were likely to be black, since it was likely to be the more dominant fur colour (the father is the pale gold American cocker spaniel, the bigger dog in the picture), so we are very pleased to see the little golden brown pups.

More puppy updates as and when I get them!


Banno said...

Brand new indeed! Lovely family.

Aanchal said...

Awwwww...!! :)

The Bride said...

OMG! I want one! Spaniels are my favourite... I remember Mahi from her birthday party photo.

Aneela Z said...

As the post for the annoying aunt has not been taken yet let me step in " Rung tau bilkul baap par Gaya hai haan ek Zara gundami hai, dua Karo larka ho unpar tau koi bhi rung juchta hai"
BAhut bAhut Mubarak , I can wait till Nov for mithai..mere woh tau bilkul mithai nahi khaata even my son refused mithai *insert annoying giggle* chocolates yes

smartassbride said...

adorable they are!

dipali said...

@Banno: Thank you!
@Aanchal: Awww it is:)
@The Bride: Young lady, methinks it is advisable for you to wait for a while before adding another cute and cuddly creature to your home!
@Aneela Z: Subhaanallah, annoying Aunt!!! Chocolate ke pasandeeda brand bhi bata dein.
@smartassbride: Truly:) I see them overrunning this blog!

Anonymous said...


And lol @ Aneela's comment :D

dipali said...

@indianhomemaker: Thank you. And Aneela should get an award for posting the most entertaining comments!

Anonymous said...

i cant say "aww" enough number of times! too cute!