Wednesday, November 23, 2011

After the break!

My travelling boots seem well and truly stuck onto my feet!
Sue and I spent a delightful weekend with Aneela and her family in Dhaka, and were heartbroken when we left the adorable Arhaan in tears at the airport. He insisted that I was Sue, much of the time!
Shortly after our return, I tagged along with the SRE to Singapore where he had a conference to attend, while I had a wonderful time with Moppet's Mom (whom I'm trying to convince to blog again) and the delightful Moppet and Munch, whom I last saw in 2008, when young Munch was a babe in arms. This lazy blogger will now post a few photographs of Singapore, just to tell you that I'm back, and will try and write again when I have the house a lot more organized than it is now.
The Cavenagh Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Singapore. Now used as a convenient foot bridge between the Museum of Asian Civilisations and The Fullerton Hotel.
The Christmas lights are already up on Orchard Road!

Another bridge, as viewed from the one in the first photograph.

This beautiful elephant stood majestically in the lobby of the Asian Civilisations Museum, which was absolutely wonderful to visit. (Thanks for the great suggestions, Moppet's Mom).
It is part of the wonderful Elephant Parade, which is trying to to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. We saw many beautiful and colourful elephants all across Orchard Road and other places too.

More when I'm better organised, folks. Now to get back to clearing up stuff!


CW said...

Oh Dipali, I live in Singapore too and would have loved to meet you! Please let me know when you visit next time!

Banno said...

Dipali, good to have you back. I'm hoping the house gets organized very soon, by some magic elves if possible and you get back to blogging. :) I love that elephant.

R's Mom said...

Wow...quite a trip eh? Great you got to meet such lovely bloggers :)

Waiting for the photos :)

Unknown said...

Looking forward to more fotoos Ms Globetrotter . Love that gorgeous elephant .

Oh alkso waiting for the Singaporean lazybones to blog - you listening Maggie Mae ?

Cuckoo said...

Why don't you travel next to Chennai? :)


Sands said...

Okay, looking forward to these travles bringing you to my neck of the woods, the southwest of USA :)

dipali said...

@CW: I'm enjoying going through your blog, CW, and would be delighted to meet you. Don't know when I'll next visit Singapore, though.
@Banno: No magic elves:( But two small blog posts up this morning!
@R's Mom: Have to meet you when you next come to visit your in-laws in Kolkata:)
@eve's lungs: There were many gorgeous elephants everywhere, but I was mostly living in the moment!
@Cuckoo: I may visit Chennai sometime early next year. I want to meet my dear Ma'am especially.
@Sands: Inshallah!

Shelly said...

Okay, looking forward to these travles bringing you to my neck of the woods, the southwest of USA :)