Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wheeling around!

My friend Salil (of Saliloquy) has been a joy and an inspiration ever since I got to know him some years ago.
I am sharing, with his permission, a blog post of his that I love:

Do read the article he has linked to, here, for a little piece of sheer joy:

You will love his wheelchair! I quote:
My wheelchair prefers the outdoors. Over the years, it has travelled down mountains, explored jungles, gone up a river by boat, watched sunsets on beaches, crisscrossed the Western Ghats, ferried across the Brahmaputra. It has also hopped onto airplanes, trains and jeeps, and once rolled itself all the way into the Ganga, my protests notwithstanding.


Banno said...

That was sheer joy, Dipali. I'm so glad to be introduced to Salil's blog.

Send free SMS said...

it is very good blog.

yasmeen sait said...

Very inspiring. Have become an instant follower of this blog.