Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Morning meeting

Three women,
domestic workers
in crumpled, colourful cotton sarees
wrapped around their shoulders
against the early morning chill
in animated conversation
each holding on a leash
a pug, a Lhasa Apso and a Labrador.
The pug and the Apso look bored
and somewhat suspicious
while the Labrador wags his tail
and smiles a benevolent smile.


The Bride said...

Aw! Trust the lab to be benevolent :)

Gayatri said...


sukanya said...

while the owners sleep away...i find it rather sad that they leave everything including care of the dogs to the maids!

Sands said...

labs, you gotto love them :) from a lab lover & parent ;)

Anonymous said...

It's finally getting very cold here, cotton sarees are no protection against the cold anymore, everywhere there are faces hidden behind thick shawls :)

And Labs :) There's one sitting right next to me, sighing loudly, although it isn't yet time for his last walk of the day :)