Friday, February 1, 2013

Domestic delights!

I finally cleaned my fridge today
after weeks, at least,
of dawdling, and postponing
this unenviable task,
and always having something else to do.
Remember the old fridges
which you had to clean,
with their thick coat of ice
in the freezer?
Periodic defrosting mandatory,
cleaning a routine.
I was so glad to get rid of that one,
frost free is a joy.

I took out every shelf and every rack
from the door,
into a bathroom,
with a bucket of warm soapy water
and sat and scrubbed them,
dried them in the balcony.

Interior and exterior wiped well
but not the perfect, paranoid cleaning
which I'm sometimes inspired to do,
(mostly on my blender)
an earbud and Colin spray
to clean grimy chinks....
Maybe one day!

It was fun, though,
because my cassette deck came home
repaired, playing beautifully,
and the fridge seemed happy too,
being cleaned to good music.

Let me tell you, though.
This was enough for me today
because of course there are
so many other things to do

I did not dare open the freezer door!!!!!


Sue said...

I am using one of them old fridges! *wails*

Also, weekly defrosting used to suffice, now I find beyond 5 days means no cooling in rest of fridge.

My earlier offer to marry your fridge remains open, by the way. The more I see of this candidate, the more I find to like.

dipali said...

@Sue: Hmmm. Chalo, he's way too big for you to elope with:)

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be great if we could toss away all that's rotten within us and thaw all that lies frozen and forgotten?

dipali said...

@thelastbyte: You, my dear, are a philosopher! Such a wonderful thought.

Indian Home Maker said...

I should do that some day soon... !!! ;) I know the satisfaction :)

dipali said...

@indianhomemaker: It's one of those jobs that can happily be postponed indefinitely until inspiration strikes!

Debolina Raja said...

Oh I enjoyed reading this :-) it sure is a miracle to mums like us ;-)
congos by the way...i nominated you for the liebster blog award. you can find more details here
i look forward to your link in my comment box on the related post...congos again!

Debolina Raja said...

Also, I tried following your blog but couldn't so pls do tell me how to do it. It would be sweet if you could visit mine and follow if you like :-) cheers...