Sunday, January 27, 2013

I got really scared

last night, when I went to bed
The SRE was not snoring.
What was wrong, I wondered.
This was unprecedented.
What had happened to my
roaring, snoring champion of
the world's snorers?
Was he even breathing?

I poked under his quilt,
and the pillow on his head -
yes, there was one
partly over his head
He was warm,
seemed to be alive(!)
but the silence was unnerving.

I read for a while.
He rolled over,
and the snores began again,
music to my ears......

At last I could sleep!

(P.S : A friend's husband has been diagnosed with sleep apnoea.
I think that added to my silly fear).


Banno said...

I can so identify with your fear, all kinds of thoughts pop up in the mind at night.

Sukanya said...

snoring does have its advantages:)
glad he was OK!

OrangeJammies said...

Haha! Did you ask "What's wrong with you?" only to be told you're never satisfied--snores or not? ;)

Aanchal said...

Love it! :-D
G got diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea last year. Earlier, he'd snore so loudly, that I couldn't sleep. Now, he puts on a CPAP mask while sleeping, so he doesn't. And I totally identify with this! Mind if I post it on FB? :)

dipali said...

@Banno: Indeed they do!
@Sukanya: You bet:)
@OJ: I didn't wake him up:)
@Aanchal: Why did he go for a test? Was it just the snoring?

Anonymous said...

love! and unfortunately enough, I relate.

First it was constant monitoring of infants thanks to the SIDS pamphlets handed out in maternity wards, and now it's the spouse, for hair-graying medical reasons.

I tend to get picky about the exact snore pattern too -- anything other than a rhythmic whir and the paranoia kicks in. Really, I ought to get a valium mask for myself because apparently the spouse doesn't enjoy my palm beneath his nostrils in the middle of the night checking for steady airflow.

radha said...

It happens to me all the time!

dipali said...

@radha: :)

dipali said...

@thelastbyte: I'm usually not so bad! But if there are known medical reasons, your anxiety is absolutely justified. Wishing you sound sleep without a valium mask!