Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why I love New York- Part I

Because it has Central Park.

(photos courtesy anand)


Savani said...

lovely pictures! but I want a write up! please.

SUR NOTES said...

beautiful photographs.

yes, a city that has a place like central park is special.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, in one of life's ironies, most of the people who live in NYC do not have the time (on weekdays), or the energy (on weekends) to enjoy Central Park :(

But it's a great boon - to wander in and forget that just a few feet away, there is snarling traffic that you can't see, and people are rushing around..

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures. :)
The last one is absolutely beautiful. No other word for it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely snaps Dipaliji! The park is beautiful, isn't it? Especially since you hardly expect such a quiet and green place tucked away amidst all that concrete!

And as Lekhni has pointed out, I used to work in NYC but only found time to visit Central Park one evening among so many. Visitors enjoy it better that way! :-)

Unknown said...

In the height of summer , lovely cool pictures. So now that you have figured out the camera etc , we can look forward to more pictures !

dipali said...

@dotmom: Will do, soon!
@sur: I'm the proud mom of the photographer!
@lekhni: That is so true, unfortunately.
@threedrinksahead:It's agreat favourite with me, too:)
@devaki:Really a gorgeous place.
@eve's lungs: I'm still struggling- need a tutorial on uploading vertical
photos properly!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.Though I do not know what makes New York so special- I mean the heading was supposed to say something on those lines.In anycase, thanks for putting up the pictures- I personally believe that is all that I will ever see of the York !

Neera said...

u in NYC these days? lovely to see u in the first picture. E-mail me a no. and time I can call u at.

dipali said...

@mishra: Glad you liked the pictures. Will try and be less cryptic and write a post! Young man, you never know where life will take you- New York kya hai? The whole world is waiting for you!
@neera: This is the dinosaur waking up- we had gone on a vacation last October- you can catch bits of it in my archives! I may keep milking that trip for the next couple of years:)
Glad to have you back, Neera.

Nat said...

Glad you liked the place - there's an energy and vibration here that just is something else right? Central Park! did you take the horse buggy ride? See the polar bear at the zoo? I really wish I'd met you then. Lovely snaps.
I appreciate the comments you leave at my blog always, however silly the post. I'm running b/w two kids and a hundred other things, sometimes I dont get the time to reply but Thanks a million for still dropiing me a word to say you were there!