Friday, May 9, 2008

Thank you, Neera

"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

I would like to pass this award on to Tharini, Usha, MayG, Sue and The Mad Momma.

Tharini's philosophy and wisdom belie her years.

Usha always has an original, warm, wise take on life.

MayG has found her way into many hearts in a very short span of time with her warmth and humour.

Sue is one of the kindest, most affectionate people I know.

The Mad Momma has opened her life, her home and her heart to so many of us.

Ladies, you are all much more than merely nice!


Usha said...

Dipali, this is very very nice of you!
Thank you so much.

the mad momma said...

:D thank you doosi nani for awarding our mad mother!

with love
the brat and the bean

Anonymous said...

awww fair you have me all senti here *snif snif*

Its amazing how just two months ago I was complaining how life is not the life it once was - surrounded by loved ones and friends and all this loneliness was SO getting to me.

I must've done something nice to deserve all the amazing people calling me their friend :D I sure feel blessed and oh-so-lucky!


Anonymous said...

hmmmm...well deserved!!!!

Emaan said...

congrats !

Sukhaloka said...

Wonderful choices :)
I've been on Usha's blog barely twice, must read more of her. As for the others, I wholeheartedly agree!

Sue said...

Thank you!

I've been called naughty, but never nice...

Anonymous said...

..just HAD to send it right back for the amazing person you are dipali.. nobody deserves it more..honest!