Monday, May 26, 2008

Nicer than ever!

Parul and Dottie have declared me as deserving of the Nice Matters Award. And Sue had tossed it right back at me when I had given it to her a while ago.
I'm pinching Sue's idea of posting a picture to acknowledge this, so here is a photo of our non-resident (children's) dog, taken almost a year ago!

Thank you, girls.
Takes a bow(wow)!


Anonymous said...

hi dipali.. found u thru parul.. i just had to stop by to say- that dog is SOOOO CUUUUUTE!!!!!!!:D

Vrijilesh Rai said...

Bow Bow.. nice n cute doggie..

And congrats on receiving the award :)

Parul said...

:) nice!!

Indian in NZ said...

Congrats for the award ! Just read your last post too - lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

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Savani said...

bow wow :) what a cuuuteeee doggie. Chip would run and rub noes with this darling canine!

Indian Home Maker said...

Cute:) Love dogs.

Indian Home Maker said...

Congrats on the award:)

dipali said...

@churningthewordmill: Hi Mandira- welcome to my world! HI'm waiting for the kids to send me pics of the new little Apso they've acquired!
@vrij:Thank you,
@parul: :-)
@2B's mom: Thanks- the poet husband was pleased: SRE khush hua!
@dottie: I'm sure he'd love to meet Chip too! The neighbourhood kids come and ask him to come out and play.
@indianhomemaker:Thanks and thanks!

Sue said...

Forgot to respond on my earlier visit -- V wants one, if he/she breeds! So he said, when he saw the pic.


dipali said...

@Sue: Let's see when he's mated!
Abhi toh baccha hai:)

Unknown said...

Awwww! Look at that cute face. Adorable dog. I guess congratulations are in order, huh? :-)

Banno said...

Dhanno is going to love this picture. She loves dogs. I, the mean mom, won't get her one.

Anonymous said...

aww, the doggie is so adorable. even though i'm fur-allergic. i'm sorry i'm not around much but i do think of you. don't know if and when the reblogging will happen though, just thought i'd stop by and say hi.

dipali said...

@jawahara:He's such a pet- he now has an Apso for a sibling! How's Naina doing?
@banno: I'm a mean mom too. I enjoy dogs that I'm not responsible for:)
I also don't feel good about keeping a dog in an apartment building unless you have someone around for it all the time.
@OJ: I'm so glad to see you here. Keep in touch:)

Unknown said...

Tagged, lady

Unknown said...

who is this gorgeous animal. for a second there i thought stuffed toy. what is his name, last name, jaat? are there more like him anywhere?
enjoying your posts