Friday, May 2, 2008

Central Park again!

Below the terrace

Seen from the Park

They did have another kid who was perched on his father's shoulders!

Photos courtesy Anand


~nm said...

The last pic is very funny! And you had to explain it right? ;o) hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Hi Dipali..

This is priyanka . Loved the lunch (remember , I came with Siddhi)and have just got around reading your Blog and quite loving it too..


Sue said...

Very nice. Love the one of the two of you in Central Park in the last post.

dipali said...

@~nm: Had to:)
@priyanka: Glad to see you here. Come home again:)
@sue: Thunkoo. We love it too:)

Anonymous said...

oh my god! nostalgia..

My fav NY memories are all around central park :D

Savani said...

the last pic is preiceless.. but where is the write up?? where is the writeup???

Nat said...

when are you coming again?

A Muser said...

Love Central Park. Love NY! :) Happy memories!