Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One year ago

Last January I had the privilege of hosting Akatha Kahani at my home, on two days, the 14th and 16th of January. It's been a chock-a-block kind of year, with much joy and some grief, and one of the major joys was meeting and spending time with the Akatha Kahani team of Jaya Madhavan, Bindhumalini, and Archana . I was happy to meet Jaya again when I visited Chennai briefly last February. Bindhu delighted me by bringing out her CD 'Suno Bhai', as well as putting to music a Kabir song that has become a signature tune of hers, 'Nachu Re'. She was also here in November, and we were able to spend a delightful evening together. Archana will be getting married a few short days from now, and even though I won't be able to make it for the wedding, she has all my good wishes for a long and happy wedded life. Keep dancing, Archana!
I cannot remember these three wonderful women without remembering my blogfriend Peccavi who was the catalyst in getting us all together. I hope I get to meet you sometime soon, Peccavi. I will always be grateful to you for the joy, warmth and friendship I share with Jaya, Bindhu and Archana.

All good wishes to Akatha Kahani- may you grow from strength to strength.
You can visit Akatha Kahani on Facebook, here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Akatha-Kahani/275198312535599?ref=ts&fref=ts


Sue said...

Making the world even smaller, I was working all week with a dancer from Madras who knows them all quite well. :)

dipali said...

@Sue: That's amazing! What fun!

Unknown said...

was an amazing evening Dipali

dipali said...

@Mallika:Truly so!