Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To 2013

May you be a good year
for this world of ours,
and our country
which has known grief and rage
unprecedented, last month

May these translate
into a better world.

May the souls of those
we lost last year
find peace, the youngsters
who met untimely ends.

May those that grieve
for them find peace.

We lost a member of our family,
A young man of thirty.
Survived by both his grandmothers,
parents, brother, many cousins,
uncles and aunts,
many friends,
All devastated by this sudden, cruel loss.
May his young toddler
be the light of his mother's life,
and help her assuage her grief,
and find a focus for her life.
Preserve memories of this young man
for when his child grows up,
so that he can know him.......

Three weddings,
three new partnerships forged
in 2012, in our family.
May you all be blessed
with love, respect, understanding,
good health, peace and prosperity,
and compassion.

May the year be good,
unexciting, humdrum,
no particular news,
no ecstacy,
no despair.
Be a moderate, peaceful
positive New Year!


Anonymous said...

May all the wishes above, come true for you and your family.


Rohini said...

Amen. May 2013 live up to all of our expectations.

dipali said...

@Abha, Rohini: Thank you!